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Trevari is embarking on what it believes will be an exciting, high value & robust new chapter in the Company’s continuing ...

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Our capabilities include a comprehensive portfolio of sourcing, procurement, materials management, and system-wide ...

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The board and management team includes experienced Executives, who between them have over 100 years cumulative experience.

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Welcome to Trevari Power Company Limited


Trevari Power Company Limited is an Independent Power Producer engaged in the generation and distribution of power and other ancillary services. We are focused on deploying core strengths in the areas of development, acquisition, engineering, construction, operation and management of power assets toward expanding our generation portfolio in ways that meet the requirements of today’s marketplace. At Trevari, we are embarking on what we believe will be an exciting, high value and robust new chapter of our company’s continuing growth story, as we plan to play an active role in the Federal government’s effort to combat power shortages in the country. We aim to support the government in the area of hydro, thermal, solar power and renewable energy resources which will lead to the creation of over ten thousand jobs in the power sector.?


To be at the forefront of innovative power management in the green energy revolution. Through strategic innovation and acquisitions, we aim to continually deliver power solutions across the nation, targeted at increasing power generation capacity from 500 to 10,000 megawatts in the next five years.


To provide efficient and reliable electricity to consumers; through the use of cutting edge technology by a dedicated and motivated team.


  • Support government’s transformation agenda on power
  • Contribute to the government’s effort of increasing power generation from 5,000 to 10,000 megawatts in the next five years
  • Create over ten thousand jobs in the power sector
  • Key into the federal government’s Gas Master Plan
  • Guarantee the long term energy security of Nigeria

Trevari is focused on the acquisition and development of generating resources that meet the requirements of today’s marketplace. Trevari’s LEAN business process improvement program expertise is available to develop and implement supply chain improvement programs that create value by reducing the total operating cost structure associated with the sourcing, procurement, materials management, and logistics business processes


Our capabilities include a comprehensive portfolio of sourcing, procurement, materials management, and system-wide logistics services that enable us to assist utilities in optimizing their overall core supply chain processes and minimize total cost.

The company has developed its expertise and personnel through strategic partnerships with well-established companies, enabling us to rest our core competence on shared cutting edge technologies, highly developed professionals and on highly motivated and dynamic teams of specialists with the experience, skills and flexibility to design and customize solutions in accordance with the demands of any business model.


Our core values rest on the quartet of:

  • An uncompromising adherence to the highest quality parameters
  • Reliability built on the most up-to-date operating systems and technology
  • Safety driven by sound policies that place human and material sustainability above all considerations, and
  • Efficiency resulting from cost and material optimization and the deployment of innovations in business and material processes

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Supporting our portfolio of services is a central commitment to the efficient maintenance of Health, safety and Environmental standards at global best practice levels.? The safety of our customers and employees are paramount in our operations and in the course of delivering services.

Our approach to HSE issues has been systematize and is delivered through the following approach:

  • Total Quality Management through the adoption of the Six-Sigma quality control procedures with emphasis on continuous improvement of our services to all stakeholders
  • Continuous review of our standard operating procedures (SOP) and processes using international industrial standards as our benchmark.
  • Instilling stakeholder’s confidence and reliability through the use of safety operating devices and personal protective equipment.
  • Continuous training and development of our employees on safe operating practice, standards and procedures.

Our Safety Policy:

At Trevari Power Company the safety and health of all its employees is the responsibility of the company as much as it is the personal responsibility of all employees to work safely. Our policies and procedures are designed, continually reviewed and closely monitored to prevent accidents and protect all stakeholders. To us at Trevari, the Health and safety of our customers and employees comes first in our businesses and in everything we do.